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Water Chiller

Cooling capacity: 13,000-1500,000kcal/h
Type: closed cooling tower and water chiller
Application: cool down the induction heating machine to make it work longer


The water cooling system is indispensable for induction heating machine, Zhengzhou Gou’s company provides two kinds of water cooling systems:
1. Water chiller: small volume, easy to move and operate, mainly for small power equipments.
2. Closed cooling tower: large volume, mainly for big power equipments.


1. Ensure the safety of the host and improve its service life.
2. Reliable design operation can reduce host operation and maintenance costs.
3. Closed circulation cooling protects industrial process fluid from contamination.
4. Soft water circulation with anti-freezing performance, reducing unnecessary energy consumption and reducing the probability of unit failure.
5. Simple installation and maintenance, and a small footprint, effectively reducing the maintenance and management costs of cooling equipment.
6. Investment costs are significantly reduced: This cooling system doesn’t need dig water pool and purchase water pump and FRP open circuit cooling tower.


Water Chiller

Model KC-005 KC-006 KC-008 KC-010 KC-012
Cooling Capacity(kcal/h) 13,070 15310 18230 23650 29930
Power Consumption(kw) 4.47 6.30 6.55 8.65 11.05
Working Power 3PH-380V-50HZ(200V/220V/415V     50HZ/60HZ)
Neight Weight(kg) 170 190 300 320 350

Closed Cooling Tower

Model HNN-10~HNN-300
Cooling capacity (Kcal/h) 50,000~1500,000
Chilled Water Volume (M3/h) 10~300
refrigerating capacity  (KW) 59~1744
Gross weight(Kg) 530~3520