• Vertical Induction Hardening Machine Tool
  • Vertical Induction Hardening Machine Tool
  • Vertical Induction Hardening Machine Tool
  • Vertical Induction Hardening Machine Tool

Vertical Induction Hardening Machine Tool

Moving speed of transformer or workpiece (mm/s): 2-60
Workpiece rotation speed range (r/min): 30-150
Positioning accuracy of workpiece movement (mm): ±0.1
Application: For shafts, discs, sleeves, rolls, wind power shaft pumps, outer rollers, gears, etc.high- and medium-frequency surface quenching.


The CNC hardening machine adopts the workpiece movement mode, and realizes continuous quenching and segmented quenching through automatic control.
It is widely used in the heat treatment of metal parts in automobile, engineering machinery, machine tool and other industries.
The machine has manual and automatic operation functions, reasonable structure, complete functions, and convenient installation and debugging.


1. The machine bed adopts a welded structure, and the overall stress relief annealing is carried out. The sliding guide rail of the machine bed adopts a cylindrical guide rail and the surface of the exposed parts is specially treated.
2. The upper center adopts electric manual adjustment to realize the clamping of workpieces of different lengths.
3. The movement of the slide plate is driven by a servo motor, which is driven by a ball screw and a linear guide, with high guiding precision and accurate positioning.
4. The cover frame is made of original steel plate and has a beautiful appearance. The cover frame is equipped with a glass sliding door to prevent the cooling water from splashing, and it is convenient for loading and unloading parts and monitoring the quenching process.
5. The lower part of the machine tool cover is equipped with a filter device, with main spray and auxiliary spray. Each spray is equipped with a regulating valve and a solenoid valve to control the amount of spray.
6. The electrical control part is composed of a numerical control system, a frequency conversion regulator, an intermediate relay, etc. The process program can be deleted and modified through the numerical control keyboard, which has high safety and reliability.