Steering Knuckle Quenching

The steering knuckle is one of the important parts of the automobile steering axle, which can make the car run steadily and convey the driving direction sensitively. In order to ensure the normal operation of the car and to improve their own hardness and service life, many manufacturers use super audio frequency heating equipment on the steering knuckle of quenching heat treatment.

Speaking of the steering knuckle quenching heat treatment, we have to talk about its selection. Quenching depth of the steering knuckle is generally less than 2mm, which determines to use super-audio heating equipment for quenching heat treatment. And the power of the equipment is decided according to the speed requirements.

The equipment is a new kind of induction heating equipment with IGBT as the main component. It has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection.. It is in conformity with the national environmental protection standard and can replace traditional coal and gas combustion. When the machine is used for quenching heat treatment on the steering knuckle, the heating rate is high, reducing the oxidation and decarburization phenomenon, to greatly improve the customer’s production efficiency.