Steel Bar Induction Forging

As for steel bar forging, induction heating furnace is a good choice for it. According to the customer’s requirements, custom-made equipment can heat on the different length and diameter of steel bars. Among them, the induction heating rate and temperature are also to meet customer’s needs. Moreover, after induction forging the steel bar’s indicators can meet the requirements.

The equipment uses induction heating principle and all or part of the metal parts are heated to the required temperature by it, so that the temperature inside and outside is the same. It uses all-digital circuit control, easy to control and operate. The integration design of the sensor and furnace makes the structure simple, so the operation is more convenient.

Its heating efficiency is higher with lower energy consumption and no pollution. At the same time, it can be equipped with temperature display and control system to achieve  purposes of automatic temperature control and temperature display, such as: thermocouple, on-line industrial infrared thermometer, etc. Its cold water system can achieve the effect of rapid cooling. Feed and discharge devices have pneumatic, chain and other ways. So the whole operation becomes safer and simpler.