Spring Induction Forging

Spring should go through a certain high-temperature heat treatment to obtain high flexibility. The induction forging equipment can heat the spring in a very short period of time, the spring is heated to be red from the inside to the outside, and then stretched and forged for molding to have a certain mechanical properties. The above is the spring heat treatment process. Therefore, in the selection of heating equipment, we should give full consideration to its heating capacity and heating rate.

When we use this equipment, the spring is heated evenly. And the temperature difference between the core and the surface is very small with fast heating speed, in order to increase overall heating efficiency. Therefore, the spring has a strong toughness. In addition, you can manually adjust the power of the machine to extend or shorten the heating time, so as to achieve the best quality heating effect and reduce power consumption. The overall installation is very simple, and it’s just connected to the water and power to start the production without preheating, very efficient and convenient.

Its induction coil can be customized, and it can be very convenient for free replacement. Even if you want to process other workpieces of different diameters, it’s easy to just re-design a corresponding induction coil. And the cost of induction coil is very low, so you can complete a variety of heating requirements of a machine.