• Spring Coiling Machine
  • Spring Coiling Machine
  • Spring Coiling Machine
  • Spring Coiling Machine

Spring Coiling Machine

Application: the machine is mainly used for hot coil production of various types of springs.


The machine is composed of a coil spring part, a pitch telescopic part, a headstock part, a hydraulic part and an electric control part.
The main servo motor is transmitted to the gear box via the reducer and the coupling, and the gear box is driven by two stages. When the thick spring is rolled, the slow gear (Φ45mm wire diameter or more) is used, and when the thin wire diameter is rolled, the fast gear (Φ45mm wire diameter or less) is used. The gear box is coupled to the tile seat through a connecting shaft, and a mandrel is mounted on the tile seat for controlling the rotation of the mandrel. At the same time, the lower pitch servo motor is controlled by the reducer, the coupling, the lead screw and the tile seat to control the expansion and contraction of the mandrel.
Two sets of guide wheel devices and two sets of roll finishing devices are mounted on the coil spring housing. The guide wheel device is manually adjusted, different guide wheels are replaced by different wire diameters, and the position of the guide wheel is adjusted. The roll closing device is a hydraulic cylinder that controls the expansion and contraction of the rolls.
The electronic control device is fully automatic and can be automatically completed after manual input according to the coil spring parameters.


Maximum rolled outer diameter 550mm
Maximum rolled wire diameter 65mm
Maximum rolling length 1200mm
Mandrel size Φ100-Φ420mm
Bar heating temperature Not less than 1000 ° C
Rolling speed Slow grade:23r/min
High grade: 46r/min
Dimensions (length x width x height) 5800mmx2000mmx2000mm
Total motor power 36KW
Machine weight 6.5T