Shackle Induction Forging

A shackle is a U-shaped piece of metal secured with a clevis pin or bolt across the opening, or a hinged metal loop secured with a quick-release locking pin mechanism. Shackles are the main connection link of various rigging systems, which are mainly used in rigging such as ships, industrial cranes and so on.

Shackles forging needs induction heating machine. Its raw material is steel rods. The steel rods are heated by the equipment to to a certain temperature at first, and then forged with a forging press. The induction heating speed is very fast and the steel rods can be heated evenly.

This induction heating machine adopts IGBT inversion technology based LC series circuit, so the induction heating efficiency is very high. And it uses automatic frequency tracking and multi-loop closed-loop control, it has the features of easy installation and easy operation.