Seamless Steel Tube Induction Annealing

Seamless steel tube is mainly used for conveying all kinds of liquids, such as oil, natural gas, water and some solid materials. Compered with round steel and other solid steel, steel tube is lighter in weight, and it is a new type of economic cross-section steel, widely used in the manufacture of various structural parts and mechanical parts, such as oil drill pipe, drive shaft, bicycle frame, etc. In the production of seamless steel tube, in order to obtain a strong strength and abrasion resistance, it often needs heat treatment.

In the heat treatment of seamless steel tube, annealing is usually the first step. Annealing is mainly to reduce its surface strength, to eliminate residual stress, and to improve the organizational structure. And it does the preparation for the next step of induction hardening. For the annealing of seamless steel pipe, we recommend the use of medium frequency induction heating power supply. And its heating rate is fast. In the annealing process, three-stage time of heating, heat preservation and cooling can be set independently, and the temperature can be precisely controlled and measured. This machine uses the method of induction heating, and the induction coil doesn’t directly contact with the seamless steel pipe, so the heat distribution is even, and the deformation is small.

In the high-tech high-speed development today, science and technology and the environment are also taken seriously. Especially for China, which is also a developing country, China is now paying more and more attention to environmental problems in industrial production, and monitoring is becoming more stringent. Relative to the previous gas heating, kerosene heating and other heating methods, induction heating is energy-saving and pollution-free, which is once applied to the market and receives the favorite from customers.