Railway Clip Induction Forging

Railway clips are the core components of rail track fasteners. The rail fasteners can effectively guarantee the reliable connection between the rails for a long period of time and prevent the rails from moving longitudinally and laterally relative to the sleepers, thereby ensuring the safety of the rail vehicles.

The railway clips work under the stress of repeated alternating. They withstands bending, twisting, fatigue and corrosion. When the vehicle passes through it, they also have to bear a very high instantaneous impact load, so the performance requirements of the elastic bar are very strict. Railway clips forging can be finished by induction heating generator.

The main production processes of the railway clips are induction forging, molding, quenching, tempering, pre-pressing and shot blasting. Among them, our induction heating generator can be used in induction heating of the bars, which is the first step in the production of railway clips. The equipment can realize automatic feeding and improve efficiency. The heating is fast and the heating temperature is very stable, so the oxidation and decarburization are effectively controlled. After heating, they are shaped by press machines.