Quenching Case Of Large Module Gear And Small Module Gear

Talk to the customer and the process requirements of the customer’s site, it is necessary to achieve the quenching depth and quenching hardness of the above accessories. The customer’s accessories are two types of gears, namely large-modulus gears and small-modulus gears. For large-modulus gears, we recommend that the transformer is moved for scanning hardening, and for small-modulus gears, we recommend that the entire gear is surrounded by hardening. The purpose of quenching is to improve the wear resistance of gears.

Based on the actual situation, we recommend the use of 5-8khz medium frequency 200kw equipment, and induction hardening method of transformer lifting. In order to improve work efficiency, scanning hardening can be carried out in a superimposed manner with several gears.

(1) Equipment model: GS-ZP-200
(2) Oscillation frequency: 5-8KHZ
(3) Oscillation power: not less than 200 kilowatts
(4) Heating power: 200 kilowatts
(5) Machine power distribution requirements: three-phase AC power supply 380V±10%/50Hz three-phase
(6) Total heat power: 200KW;
(7) Dimensions: Host: 700x700x1650mm Transformer: 1050x610x600mm
(8) Weight: 300kg