PC Steel Bar Hardening And Tempering Production Line

PC steel bar is steel bar for prestressed concrete, which is a high technical content of prestressed steel. Because of its high strength and toughness, low relaxation, strong bond strength with the concrete, saving materials, and other characteristics, it has been widely used in high-strength prestressed components, such as concrete centrifugal pile, Poles, viaduct piers, railway sleeper and other prestressed components. And it has a very broad market in the international market, especially in Asia.

PC steel bar quenching and tempering need be to completed by medium frequency quenching and tempering production line. This production line has storage rack, quenching feed machinery, induction heating equipment (heating module of quenching), quenching and discharging machinery, straightening machine, water cooling system, tempering feeding machinery, tempering heating module, tempering out of materials machinery, unloading rack and other components. It uses a rational human-machine interface, PLC, IPC automatic control system, to get the domestic industry-leading level.

The steel bar production line also has an automatic heating control system including an induction heating technique, a transmission control and a tension temperature detection control, so that the steel bar is heat-treated under a constant micro-tension condition. Because the temperature has a very significant impact on the product quality, the production line uses high-precision and non-contact infrared thermometer, and has closed-loop temperature control automatic adjustment function to ensure product quality stability.