Nuts Induction Forging

At the most basic level, the nut is a kind of part for being tightened with the screw, and its main role is as a fastening part. Almost all manufacturing machinery must use it as a basic component. Nuts, according to their different materials, they can be divided into carbon steel, stainless steel, nonferrous metals and other broad categories. Nuts are widely used in daily life everywhere, not much to say here.

However, for many of us, we only know its usefulness, but do not understand how it is produced. Today, I will tell you about the nut heat treatment is how to carry out. The shape of the nuts we see is different. In fact, through the use of medium frequency induction heating equipment for forging nuts, the nuts will be heated from the inside to the outside as a whole, and then forged in its shape, so that they have a certain mechanical properties.

Our machine adopts the international advanced IGBT module, using induction heating method for forging nuts with fast heating and uniform heating. Nuts deformation is very small, the surface has non-oxidation layer and less decarburization. The sensor of the machine is flexible and can be made into the suitable size for heated nut. In addition, the sensor is easy to be replaced. And the machine has many uses, not only in forging, but also can be used in welding, quenching, melting, etc.