Medium Frequency Induction Coil Design Requirements

The medium frequency sensor is generally composed of five parts: the base, the conductive plate, the effective ring, the water-cooled water spray device and the additional positioning device. The design of the socket: The socket is the cont...



New Energy-saving Medium Frequency Induction Heating Automatic Production Line

The new energy-saving medium frequency induction heating automatic production line produced by our company can meet the needs of customers for full automation and truly realize intelligent integration. The entire production line consists of 1-...



Hardening Capacity And Hardenability In Heat Treatment

In daily work, customers often call to ask some questions, and it is particularly obvious that several customers are asking the same question - hardening capacity and hardenability. Today, let's talk about these two concepts. Hardening capacit...



Bar Induction Heating Automotic Lifting Mechanism

Customer's technical requirements: Automatically upgrade the induction heating of the existing bar material, reduce the labor intensity of the personnel, and improve the work efficiency. Design program: A: The feeding system at the feedi...



Induction Hardening Coil For The Wind Power Bearings

In order to meet the diverse needs of customers, our company has produced induction hardening coils for wind power bearings. The material of the bearing ring is 42CrMo, the heat treatment adopts the overall quenching and tempering treatment...



Custom Induction Hardening Machine Tool

We can customize induction hardening machine tools according to customer needs. Let's take the equipment model LP-SK-600 as an example to talk about the technical indicators of each part of the hardening machine tools. (1) Equipment model: L...



Quality Problems In Gear Quenching And Cooling And Solution

1. Insufficient hardness and insufficient hardening depth The low quenching cooling rate is the cause of insufficient quenching hardness, uneven hardness and insufficient hardening depth. However, according to the actual hardened gear mater...



Commonly Used Materials And Heat Treatment Methods For Gears

Gear Type Steel Heat treatment Automotive Transmission And Differential Gears 20CrMo20CrMnTi 40Cr Carburization Carbonitriding Automobile Drive Axle Driving And Driven Cylindrical And Bevel Gears, Differential Planetary And...



The Role Of Induction Coil

Induction coil is an important tool to realize induction heating. In terms of its shape and structure, it can be said to be strange and varied, but the ultimate goal is to complete heating with high quality and high efficiency. The structur...



A Turntable Type End Induction Heating Device

The utility model discloses a turntable type end induction heating device, which relates to the technical field of heating equipment, in particular a turntable type end induction heating device, which includes a control box body and a saddle t...