200KW Induction Hardening Machine For Spline Shafts Shipped To Egypt

Today, we have packaged the machines needed by Egyptian customers and are expected to deliver them next week. This Egyptian customer is an old customer of our sales manager Sophia. This time he purchased a set of 200kw Medium Frequency indu...



We Designed The Induction Hardening Coil For Tank Track

Last week, our customer sent the workpiece - tank track, he want us to design the induction hardening coil and he would buy our induction hardening equipment if necessary. After the professional and meticulous efforts of colleagues, We cu...



Quenching Case Of Large Module Gear And Small Module Gear

Talk to the customer and the process requirements of the customer's site, it is necessary to achieve the quenching depth and quenching hardness of the above accessories. The customer's accessories are two types of gears, namely large-modulus g...



The After-Sale Service Of Induction Heating Machine For Korea

The steam-heating machine specially made by our company for Korean customers was returned for repair due to a failure in the middle. After receiving the need repaired machine, our company have completed the repair and deliver it within one wee...



Induction Heating Machine Shipped To Oman

Yesterday we just shipped two sets of machine to Oman, namely an induction heating machine and a cooling machine. The induction heating machine is an 800kw medium frequency induction heating machine, which is mainly used by customers to hea...



Induction Melting Furnace Sold To Malaysia

Zhengzhou Gous have good reputation in Malaysia,this is said by customer.Up to now,we have sold more than 60 sets machine to Malaysia,and do the good after-sale service. This customer is come from Internet,they saw our melting video on Yout...



Indian Customer Said They Need One 200kw Induction Heating Furnace

2019-nCoV make people stay at home to work.Customer not stop their mind and idea.This customer were talk with our sales when India start curfew. Actually they have brought one 200kw heating furnace on last year,they said it works well,and m...



Spanish Customer Ask About Wheel Induction Hardening Machine

One of our Spanish customer asked wheel induction hardening machine. In order to meet the technical requirements of customer drawings, make the surface reach the quenching temperature, and the core temperature is relatively low; to achieve the...



3 Sets 60kw Induction Heater Were Sold To Pakistan

Today we receive a PO from Pakistan customer,even in the special time,to keep their promise,they send to us. This customer ordered 3 sets 60kw machine to heating bars,because they have mass production. Their workpiece size is diameter 42mm,...



Rebar Induction Heating Machine For Jordan Client

oday, we got a customer from Jordan who needs induction heating machine for rebar producing and he paid a visit to our company. Based on the specific requirements and the required heating temperature 800-900℃, we recommend our 300kw inducti...