Metal Electrode Induction Heating

Metal electrode is a component in electron or electrical device, which is used as the two ends of the input or output current in a conductive medium (solid, gas, vacuum or electrolyte solution). The input current of a pole is called anode or positive pole, and a discharge current of a pole is called the cathode or negative pole. The electrode may be a metal or a non-metal, so long as it can exchange electrons with the electrolyte solution, which is the electrode. Today, what I want to say is metal electrode.

Our high frequency heating equipment is generally very good for heat treatment of metal. Chromium zirconium copper electrode alloy is the ideal electrode material of resistance weldingon recent domestic market. So this machine can carry out heating it in the appropriate temperature, and the electrode can produce a strong precipitation hardening. Because the alloy has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and high strength of the bearing pressure. The heat treatment of it slightly changes its alloy properties and it is more durable.

Zhengzhou Gous Electromagnetic Induction Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. uses foreign advanced technology, so our products have good working performance. And It can fully automate unmanned operation when heating the metal. The working efficiency is stable and the heating is much faster.