Knife Blade Induction Hardening

The knife blade is a sheet-like object that is clamped on the cutter body and forms a cutting portion of the tool. It is mainly used in mechanical processing, agriculture, handicrafts and other fields. Because it is often used for cutting, its blade part requires a higher strength, in order to reduce the degree of damage from the friction and the impact in the work.

Our induction heating machine for induction hardening can be used in the local induction heating and quenching the blade edge to improve the hardness and strength of the blade. In induction quenching, the induction coil design of our equipment is in full compliance with knife blade edge of the quenching requirements, and it uses spray quenching, making the local quenching more accurate.

Moreover, in order to meet the induction quenching of the processing speed and heating temperature, we can adjust equipment frequency, induction coil turns, etc. After the hardened blade is installed in the tool, the cutting tool has better cutting performance, higher strength and longer service life.