Turbine Induction Quenching

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Turbine Induction Quenching

The turbine, in fact, is a special fan in the airplane or car engine. The turbine uses the exhaust gas to blow the fuel vapor into the engine, enhancing the performance of the engine. It is one of the important parts of the steam turbine, the aviation engine, the gas turbine and so on.

Turbine quenching of ultra-high frequency induction hardening equipment is to improve its hardness and strength, making it more durable. This machine uses the German advanced IGBT devices and series resonant circuit, so that the operation is more simple and convenient. When the turbine is heated in this equipment, the hardness of its surface can be precisely controlled so that the value of quenching hardness is fully in accordance with the standard. In addition, our equipment can be carried out induction heating on all parts of the turbine. So it will not appear overheating in some places, and no heating in some places.

After turbine is quenched by our equipment, the surface oxidation and decarburization is very small, so not only its hardness has been greatly improved, but also its anti-fatigue is significantly enhanced. In this way, when the turbine is in the usual use, it will not appear the early cracking. The most worthy of showing off is that our special equipment saves particularly electricity. As for the same amount of processing, it is always better than other methods of heating equipment, and the power saving about 30%! As a result of CNC, automation and integrated design in it, our equipment was able to be so efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.