Shifting Fork Induction Hardening

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Shifting Fork Induction Hardening

Shifting fork is mainly used for toggling sliding gear to change its position on the gear shaft. And you can move up or down or move around, so as to achieve a different speed. And it also can control the clutch in mechanical products. To make shifting fork's hardness higher, to use ultrahigh frequency quenching machine is the best choice of hardening shifting fork.

The use of this equipment after quenching, its hardness values becomes more higher than that of the ordinary quenching machine, and the wear resistance will be better. And the surface resistance to pressure will be higher, so the overall performance is much higher and more durable. Our equipment uses Germany's advanced IGBT core technology, and the production of the components are imported parts, so the quality and technology are guaranteed.

Our equipment has been exported to the United States, Kenya, Malaysia, Russia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, more than 30 countries with high user experience and good reputation. We have been adhering to the corporate slogan of the "create value for customers" , focusing on innovation and development of induction heating equipment, in ordert to make the greatest efforts to produce good equipment for you.