Flange Groove Induction Quenching

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Flange Groove Induction Quenching

Flanges are the parts that connect the shaft to the shaft and are used for the connection between the pipe ends. It is also used at the entrance and exit of the equipment for the connection between two devices, such as the reducer flange. The quenching of the flange groove can increase its hardness, thus prolonging the service life of the flange.

Flange grooves can be quenched by induction heating equipment. Flange groove quenching is internal hole quenching, and the induction coil of the equipment is placed in the flange, and all the grooves of the entire flange are heated at the same time. And these grooves are heated evenly and then are cooled in water.

After induction hardening, the grooves of the entire flange has required hardness. This induction heating equipment for flange groove quenching has multi-display functions, such as: over current, over voltage, water failure, phase failure and so on. And it adopts all solid state IGBT inverter and function adjustment.