Irregular Bar Induction Forging

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Irregular Bar Induction Forging

At just a mention of the bar forging, we first think of the forging for a round bar, square bar and other rule bars. Few people will think of irregular bar forging. In fact, the forging heat treatment for the irregular bars can also be completed by ultrahigh frequency induction heating machine, and the diathermy effect is very good.

As for bar forging, it is a kind of heat treatment process for the overall induction heating the bar from the outside to the inside, which is very necessary for bars forming. Irregular bar forging is also prepared well for its forming. As for how much of the equipment for diathermy heat treatment, it will have to decide it according to the specific specifications of the bars.

Because it is the irregular bar, the local diathermy is even more important. Our equipment can be equipped with a customized induction coil, which can be used for all parts of the heating of the irregular bar at the same time. And it can be heated more evenly to better meet customer requirements. Moreover, our equipment can not only be used for diathermy, but also can complete the welding, melting, quenching and other heat treatment processes. In addition, this device is energy-saving and efficient, saving investment costs to become the customers' favorite.