Milling Cutter Induction Brazing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Milling Cutter Induction Brazing

The milling cutter is a rotating tool with one or more teeth for milling. In order to meet the needs of the work, the milling cutter should be welded to improve its performance. Now, many manufacturers use ultra-high frequency welding machine on the milling cutter for welding heat treatment, and they are very satisfied with the welding results.

This device uses an induction brazing method. The so-called induction brazing is the use of metal material with the low melting point as the solder, and the machine heats the solder and the workpiece to the temperature, which is above the melting point of solder and lower than the base metal melting. And then we use liquid solder for wetting the base material, and to fill the gap for the mutual diffusion of the base material to achieve the two parts' connection of welding workpiece.

When this equipment is for welding of the milling cutter, the welding speed is very fast, and the solder is welded very solid. And the milling cutter' welding seam after welding is firmly solid with no cracks on the surface. In addition, the device is fully functional, and the protection system is complete. And in the course of work, it will not produce noise and polluting gases. So many of our customers are particularly satisfied with the use of our equipment, and their feedback information is the praise of our products.