Cutting Tool Induction Welding

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Cutting Tool Induction Welding

Last week, one customer successfully placed an order from our company. The customer comes from a parts factory in Russia, and this procurement is mainly to buy a welding equipment for welding cutting tool. The cutting tool that this customer need to weld is relatively large in size, so we also customized special induction coil for him. Customer is very satisfied with high frequency heating machine, especially for its welding effect.

The head of cutting tool the specific can be divided into diamond head, alloy head, carbon steel blade, etc. And their common points have stable performance, high temperature resistance and good wear resistance. Cutting tool is essential product of the metal processing industry, depot processing Industry, stone processing industry and so on. Welding of cutting tool is to the alloy head and the base welded into a whole, making it more sharp and solid.

This machine is used for welding heat treatment of the cutting tool's head. The welding speed is fast, and the surface of the cutter head is free of oxide layer, and the decarburization is little. The performance of the cutter head after welding is better stable than before. Our induction welding machine can save power with high welding efficiency, can be repeated to heating a number of workpiece with operability.