Copper Tubes Welded To Steel Vessel

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
 Copper Tubes Welded To Steel Vessel

Two copper tubes are welded to the steel vessel with flux by stainless steel induction annealing machine. Because the contact surface between copper tubes and the steel vessel is small, it will result in overheating and the welding quality will be poor if the heating temperature is too high. The precise control of the heating temperature is very important and directly affects the welding quality.

The induction heating coil of this induction brazing machine is made according to the welding requirements. In induction brazing, the flux is rapidly heated and then melted so that copper tubes and the steel vessel are welded together. After induction brazing, you can see the welding points are firm, beautiful and delicate.

And the welding process is not limited by the geometrical shape of the welding parts. The surface pattern of the product will not be damaged, and there is no obvious welding scar. Induction heating machine for brazing has perfect protective circuit and cooling system, so it has high working stability and security.