Carbide Mining Tools Induction Welding

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Carbide Mining Tools Induction Welding

Our induction heating equipment can complete the welding of carbide mining tool, and the welding quality is very good. Because this machine is small and easy to use, it is widely used in welding of drills, copper tubes, carbide chips, diamond chips, etc.

Before induction welding, we will evenly apply the flux to the welding surface of the substrate, then place the solder piece, and then put the cemented carbide cone on the substrate. Next, we place the part that need to be welded inside the induction coils for welding. The induction coil is customized, so the welding effect is better.

When the induction heating equipment starts working, the welded part starts to turn red. Also, the flux and solder piece begin to be heated until they are melted and spread, so that the base body and the cemented carbide body are tightly welded together as a whole. After induction welding, the surface of the weld is very smooth and there is no gap in the weld.