Air-conditioning Branch Pipe Induction Brazing

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Air-conditioning Branch Pipe Induction Brazing

The air-conditioning branch pipe is mainly used in the piping installation of central air-conditioning VRV system. Its role is to divide the refrigerant in the pipeline into the indoor units, which plays the role of shunt. In this case, the refrigerant can flow in the copper tube, so as to achieve the effect of cooling and heat transfer. The air-conditioning branch pipe in the air conditioner is the most important component, so its quality directly impacts on the quality of air conditioning. The air-conditioning branch pipe is connected by many copper pipes, so they need to be welded to form a whole.

In the heat treatment process, induction welding is widely used both for metal, which can also be used for non-metallic. Induction welding principle is to use a lower melting point than the metal material for the solder, and then the workpiece and the solder material is heated to temperature that is higher than the melting point of solder and lower than melting point of the workpiece. And then the liquid solder is for wetting the workpiece to fill the interface gap, in order to achieve the welding method. Super audio frequency induction heating machine uses this principle to brazing the air-conditioning branch pipe.

This Equipment's welding speed is very quick in welding the branch pipes. The welds of the individual copper tubes are uniformly heated, and no brazing filler metal flows out. After welding, the copper tubes did not peel off and was welded firmly. There is no crack and no trace of oxidation in the welding place of copper pipe. The welding quality is very good. Most importantly, after welding of the air conditioning branch pipe, we completely do not see any signs of welding.