• Induction Brazing Machine
  • Induction Brazing Machine
  • Induction Brazing Machine
  • Induction Brazing Machine

Induction Brazing Machine

Power: 6kw-100kw
Frequency: 50khz-400khz
Application: induction brazing can be applied to aviation fan blades and casing pieces, various fuel system components, auto parts evaporators, motors, generators, transformer wires, compressor pipe valves, cemented carbide, diamond tools, measuring tools, etc.


The rapid development of modern automobile, aviation, electrical, electronic and white goods industries provides a higher development stage for induction brazing.
Because induction brazing has the advantages of smokelessness, fast heating speed, controllability and portability, it has gradually replaced the traditional flame brazing process.
The whole set of equipment consists of a portable transformer, a compact mainframe, a quick-change transformer and a closed-loop cooling system. It can weld aluminum, copper, copper alloy, iron steel and stainless steel and other materials.


1. High welding accuracy and remarkable energy saving effect
2. The welding process is easier to inspect and adjust the heat, which reduces the risk of overheating and reduces the failure rate
3. The heat of induction brazing is generated in the matrix of the material, which will reduce the risk of cold brazing.
4. No burning gas consumption, no more heat radiation, more environmentally friendly and safer.
5. The sensor uses internal cold water for cooling. Therefore, it protects personnel during the long heating process and avoids the operator from scalding.
6. Local heating, fast heating speed. Therefore, it will not affect the surrounding components, and there is no need to install heat insulation.
7. It can be set and programmed, and the degree of automation is higher.
8. Diversification of welding materials.