Hex Bolts Induction Forging

Hex bolts are fasteners consisting of a head and a screw. The bolts are divided into iron bolts and stainless steel bolts. The steel bars are heated and forged into hex bolts. And induction forging machine for rod can be used for induction forging of hex bolts.

This induction forging machine has the constant current and power control function, which can optimize induction heating process. The heating is very fast and the heating efficiency is very high. And this machine can be equipped with remote control and matching infrared temperature measurement, so the heating temperature can be precisely controlled to improve heating quality and simplify the operation of workers.

And the machine has perfect protection system, so it can protect itself from over voltage, over current, lack of water, phase fail, over hot, etc. And it is safe and reliable. Without ten thousand voltage, it can ensure the safe operation. During induction forging of hex bolts, there is almost no air pollution and no noise.