Golf Ball Head Induction Brazing

Golf is a recreational sport. Because this sport has a very high demand on the site and the golf ball head’s quality, good-quality ball head has exquisite workmanship, and the material is also very good, so it is also very expensive. The body and the bottom of golf ball head have the welding port.

When the golf head is welded by super audio frequency induction brazing machine, the head is heated quickly, and the welding point is beautiful with almost no flaws. There is no welding bubble, and it is firmer and more durable after forming. Because the weigh is evenly distributed over the golf ball head, the welding point can achieve strong low center of gravity and better balance force, thereby greatly improving the stoutness of golf.

If the ball head welded by ordinary welding method is not firm enough, it will affect the playing effect in the field. If the ball part is broken, people will feel very embarrassed in the site. Our equipment can easily solve these welding defects, so that the golf ball head is more firmly, which can be used for a longer time. In addition, our equipment can be for local heating and welding the ball head, making welding more accurate and fast.