Eyebolts Induction Forging

Eyebolts are widely used in port, electricity, shipbuilding, railways, construction and other important industries and mechanical equipment in the infrastructure construction. At work, eyebolts need for load and will be subject to pressure and friction. Therefore, the induction heat treatment processes of eyebolts is very important. Among them, the induction forging process of eyebolts is extremely important. Our induction forging equipment can do this well.

The production of eyebolts needs to be forged as a whole and then is normalized. In the induction forging heat treatment with our equipment, the forgings did not appear to defects of overburning and cracks. After induction forging and other heat treating processing of eyebolts, its hardness and strength are significantly improved, which are in full compliance with the processing standards.

This equipment for eyebolts induction forging can heat the metal billet fast and it can be used in full automatic induction forging heat treatment production line. What’s more, its use will save much power and has less pollution, so that it is good for the environment of the factory and it can save production cost.