Drop Forged Chain Induction Forging

Drop forged chain is made with die forging, the inner chain is a whole and the outer chain consists of two chain plates. And it is applied to transmission machinery. Drop forged chain forging is an indispensable step in the induction heat treatment process of drop forged chain.

Induction forging machine can be used in drop forged chain forging. Because its quality need to be very high, so its raw material must be high quality steel. When our machine is used for induction forging steel billet and then the steel billet is forged by hot forming machine, its heating speed is extremely fast, so that the workpiece can achieve the required temperature in a very short period of time.

In addition, the energy consumption is minimal, and the deformation drop forged chainof is also very small. The forging quality is also quite good. The heating length, speed, temperature, etc. of the steel billet can be precisely controlled by this machine. Sometimes in order to improve the production speed, this induction forging machine can be used in the induction heat treatment production line, so it not only improves the efficiency, but also makes the degree of automation equipment increased.