Copper Tube Butt Induction Brazing

Copper tube is commonly used in the manufacture of heat transfer equipment, such as condensers, and also used in oxygen equipment in the assembly of low-temperature piping. The brass with small diameter is often used to transport the liquid, such as lubrication systems, hydraulic systems, etc. and used as a meter piezometer.

When super audio brazing machine is on the butt welding of copper tube joint, connectors often use the plug-in form. Before copper tube docking, it needs to expand the side of the copper tube’s diameter with the expansion to form a plug connector.

Before induction brazing, we first make the copper tube after the reaming insert in another copper tube, and then polish joints with sandpaper to be clean. The best brazing solder is HL204. Because the phosphorus in this solder can reduce the oxides of copper and can play the role of flux. Therefore, the brazing is without additional flux, so that brazing performance is good. If simply brazing the copper tube, the brass can be placed vertically before welding. Because it’s easy to operate, and the brazing seam is more uniform and smooth.