Carbide Insert Induction Brazing

This steel form tool need to be brazed by induction heating generator in order to form a whole steel tool. In induction welding, the head of the steel form tool will be brazed with carbide inserts and uses the specific solder to fully form a whole.

This induction heating machine with induction brazing can be designed and produced for local induction welding. And this induction coil in transformer is also made for this brazing application. Because of the correct choice of solder and induction brazing machine, carbide inserts and the steel form tool are welded firmly without any oxidation.

When the welded place is heated, the solder is smelted quickly to spread out over the whole weld side between carbide inserts and the steel tool with this machine. Since the induction heating rate is very fast, the brazing process is perfect in less than two minutes.