Bar Induction Heating Automotic Lifting Mechanism

Customer’s technical requirements: Automatically upgrade the induction heating of the existing bar material, reduce the labor intensity of the personnel, and improve the work efficiency.

Design program:

A: The feeding system at the feeding end can be considered as a washboard feeding system. This system is a feeding method recommended to customers according to the degree of automation of each enterprise. It is suitable for higher automation and continuous production operations. Zhengzhou Gou’s washboard type feeding mechanism has accumulated an excellent foundation of mechanical design, which can be specially made according to customers’ workpieces and requirements.

Aiming at your company’s workpiece and feeding requirements, Zhengzhou Gou’s design process is as follows:
1) Pour the blank of the material frame directly into the hopper of the washboard device. The central control system controls the bar material. According to the predetermined heating rhythm, the bar material is conveyed to the V-shaped groove in front of the sensor through the chain pressure roller feeding device. The blank of the chain roller pushes the workpiece into the inductor (press feeding method can also be used).
2) The blank of the material frame is placed in the hopper of the washboard device, and the central control system controls the bar to transport the bar to the inductor through the chain press feeding device according to the predetermined heating rhythm.

B: Fast Discharging And Sorting Device
The rapid discharging and mechanism consists of a frame, a chain feeding device, and a motor reducer.
The frame is mainly welded by rectangular pipes, channel steel, steel plates, etc. The upper part is equipped with a drive roller to support the heated workpiece; the bottom is equipped with an adjustment frame for fine adjustment of the height of the rapid discharge mechanism; the lower part of the frame is equipped with a motor The reducer provides power for the transmission roller; after the heated workpiece is separated from the sensor, the temperature of the workpiece is measured by the infrared thermometer immediately. The workpiece with qualified temperature measurement is directly transported to the forging conveying device through the transmission roller, and the unqualified workpiece is by the cylinder The ejector device is ejected and enters the material basket along the slope of the frame (the material basket is provided by the user).

1. The discharge sorting device is stable and reliable
2. The use of chain structure makes the discharge more stable
3. The discharge port is designed with a rotating body, which effectively avoids damage to the furnace lining during discharge and can also decompose the conjoined bar.
4. Thermometers adopt well-known first-line brands, which are stable, reliable and high-precision, and can be equipped with Chinese Academy of Sciences, American Leitech, and German Impex.
5. The sorting mechanism adopts intelligent control, and the mechanical structure is stable and reliable.
6. Can record production data