Bearing Ring Induction Heating Equipment 16KW

Bearing Ring Induction Heating Equipment 16KW

  • Model: WH-VI-16
  • Working Voltage: 180V-250V
  • Maximum Output Power: 16KW
  • Application: brazing,hardening,annealing and melting.


1. There are no combustible gases during induction heating processing.

2. The advantage of rapid heating speed reduces oxide skin on metals.

3. Our induction heating machine has the excellence to improve the working environment.


Working Power Single phase220V/50-60Hz
Max Input Current(a) 24
Cooling Water Pressure(mpa)/Water Flow(L/min) 0.05Mpa/>4L/min
Generator Size(mm)/Weight(kg) 520*230*430 25kg
Transformer Size(mm)/Weight(kg)      —————————————
Oscillation Frequency (khz) 10-80