Round Bar Induction Heating Equipment for Indian Customers

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Round Bar Induction Heating Equipment for Indian Customers

In mid-May, the Indian customers ordered titanium alloy bar induction annealing machine 300KW for hardneing loading wheels. And this news has been shown in our company news section. Since our machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption and good induction heat treatment process, they like our machine very much and want to have further cooperation with our company.

This time, these two Indian customers want to buy our induction heating machine again for shaft hardening. And these shafts have the diameter of 40mm,50mm and 70mm, and their quenching depth is 2mm. So we recommended Super audio frequency round bar induction heating equipment 80KW for shaft quenching.

After that, we sent related products information of 80KW super audio frequency induction heater. In it, we gave a practical design scheme according to the induction hardening needs. This machine and induction coil can be customized to successfully complete shafts induction hardening process these customers want. Because they were very satified with the qualiy and price of the machine, they ordered this hardening machine.