Rod Induction Forging Machine 50KW for the Malaysian Customer

Jun 19, 2017

Rod Induction Forging Machine 50KW for the Malaysian Customer

After the Malaysian customer visited our website, he was interested in our machine and then sent an email to us. Through the communication, we knew that he wanted a machine for heating metal parts. But he didn't tell us what metal parts were and the specific size of metal parts.

At least he provided us with the picture of the induction coil as shown in the figure above. And he told us about the specific size of the induction coil and working speed requirements. The induction coil has the diameter of 80mm and 3 turns. We only use this information and years of technical experience to work out the current, power and so on. So that we recommended ultrasonic frequency rod induction forging machine 50KW for the customer.

This induction heating machine 50KW for induction forging can be designed and customized for these metal parts heating. And we sent some rods induction heating vedios for him. Because the customer was also very professional in the field of heat treatment processing, he felt that our machine can meet the heating requirements of their workpiece after seeing these vedio and our recommended solution. Finally, he decided to buy our this forging machine.