50KW High Frequency Forging furnace Sent to Turkey

Jun 19, 2017

50KW High Frequency Forging furnace Sent to Turkey

Last week, we welcomed customers from Turkey. Turkey is a country across the two continents of Asia and Europe with predominant geographical location and frequent trade. Although Turkey belongs to one of Asian countries. But in the economic, cultural and political field, it implements the European model, so that the economic development is very rapid.

At this time, Turkish customers mainly want to purchase a quenching equipment for standard parts. Customers first went through our international business platform to see our supply information, and then contacted our relevant sales staff. Through communication, we learned that the heating needs of customers. They are mainly for quenching heat treatment of a variety of standard parts. Standard parts have many different types and different models, for which we recommend them for our 50kw high frequency forging furnace, and carefully designed different induction coils for them.

After customers visited our equipment production workshop, they also saw the experiment about the use of 50kw high frequency forging furnace for quenching the standard parts. And the equipment has the features, including small size, easy installation, heating speed, and induction coil replacement is also very convenient. They were very satisfied with the the experimental results, and immediately decided to sign a purchase contract with us.

After the signing of the contract, we will prepare the equipment and induction coils for them at once, and then we are busy for sealing the boxes and loading. Finally, they were successfully sent to Turkey yesterday. I believe that soon after, customers will be able to successfully receive our equipment.