Debugging Induction Heating Machine in Colombo of Sri Lanka

Apr 19, 2017

Debugging Induction Heating Machine in Colombo of Sri Lanka

These few days, our manager and one of our sales went to Colombo to debug induction heating machines which were sent to the customers’ factory. The client is Ross who is brilliant to work and deal with every problem. Our two companies have long-term business relationship and gorgeous friendship. Managers have talked a lot about Zhengzhou Gous induction heating machine. Something about the machine’s installation and operation way.

They worked for a long term and even debugged at midnight. Workers checked and looked through the device and thought the corresponding method to solve the potential problem. All people worked together to do it best and finally they were successful.

Debugging Induction Heating Machine TogetherCommunication with Customer for Induction Heater

During the rest, the sales, Sophia, and Ross had communicated with each other for professional knowledge of induction heating machine. For this travelling and business with Sri Lanka, hope two country people have a good cooperation.