Pakistan Customer Purchased Super Audio Frequency Induction Heating Machine

Jun 19, 2017

Pakistan Customer Purchased Super Audio Frequency Induction Heating Machine

Last week,we successfully sent our super audio frequency induction heating equipment to Pakistan.This is the second time that our customer bought our induction equipment as same as before.Repurchasing is considered to expand production scale.The customer used induction heating machine to heat and harden work pieces through deep conversation between two people.

In regarding to heating,bars length is from 30mm to 60mm while the diameter is from 20mm to 50mm.So when you choose bar of 20mm diameter, bar length is 30mm.For this information,bar length is always longer 10mm than its diameter and per hour bar heating quantity is from 300kg to 500kg.In regarding to hardening,customer requirement of hardening depth is from 2mm to 3mm and hardening temperature is from 800℃ to 900℃.Hardening spare parts are mainly shafts.And then our customer wanted to design induction coils by themselves according to parts' specific shape and size.The client has rich experience because he is engaged in the industry of induction heat treatment.

Our trade with Pakistan is frequent.A lot of customers,being our long-term cooperation partners,can be offered good products and services by our company.And through constant experience,sales in our company can talk friendly and frequently with Pakistan people while they know more about clients' language,life style,ethnic and religious beliefs.We firmly believe that we can grow better and service best after we have continuous cooperation and enough experience with our foreign customers.